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Thanks for stopping by We carry a complete line of security, surveillance, and recording equipment. The latest technologies in Digital Video Recorders, Digital Telephone Recorders, Digital Audio Surveillance, Digital Surveillance, Borescopes, Nanny Cams, VersaCam Live View Cameras, and GPS Tracking Systems are available and constantly reviewed for improved quality and pricing. Our expert staff is dedicated To Providing You With Top Of The Line Security and Spy Equipment. Las Vegas Spy Supply offers this equipment only for legal uses. You must check your state and local laws for what is legal in your area. Please check the terms of sale for all the details.

DIASONIC DDR-5K PRO SERIES Audio / Telephone Recorders

Introducing the Diasonic DDR-5K(128) Pro, 35 hour digital audio recorder - The world's most advanced digital audio recorder, telephone recorder, MP3 Player, FM Radio recorder/player, pocket hard drive. All the features you have asked for packed into one easy to operate high quality recorder. This unit incorporates all the state-of-the-art Diasonic features such as "pause/resume" control, automatic file and folder advance, 32Kbps digital sampling rate, and unsurpassed Diasonic quality to make it the recorder of choice for the professional user. The all new "one-touch toggle" makes all playback functions, including volume, fast forward and reverse a snap.

Diasonic DDR-5K(128)Pro Exclusive Features and Advantages:

All new ergonomic design for ease of use one hand operation.

Automatic file AND Automatic folder advance with time/date stamp on each recording. Advantage: When used as an automatic telephone recorder or voice activated audio recorder, time/date stamp and length of recording is displayed on uploaded files for each call or audio recording, allowing for quick review of desired recordings.

128 files in each of 8 folders equal an astounding 1024 automatic recordings. Advantage: Unattended capacity of up to 35 hours (128mb model) of automatic recording and 1024 individual recordings allows for weeks of service without accessing or uploading recorder files .

Scrolling dot matrix display with emerald blue backlight. Advantage: Easy to read, menu driven control settings assure ease-of-use and correct setting for your application.

Voice-activation (VOR) with microphone sensitivity adjustment. Advantage: Allows for voice activation and audio pick up sensitivity to be adjusted for optimum results in many different recording environments.

Super High Quality (32Kbps) Recording Mode. Advantage: 32Kbps sampling rate setting offers near CD quality voice or audio recording quality. Most digital recorders are limited to only 16Kbps or 1/2 the recording quality of the DDR-5K. This mode is useful if you desire to use many popular "speech to text" voice recognition software packages available on the market today or require exceptional recording quality.

Cell Phone Recording Adaptor: Allows for "hands free" operation and recording of your important cell phone conversations. Included adaptor works on most cell phones. (Nokia phones require optional adaptor)

Pause and resume control. Advantage: Pauses recording for up to 5 minutes in the same file without creating a new file number.

AC adaptor included: Advantage: Unlimited continuous operation.

Timer recordings. Advantage: Up to 3 daily, weekly and specific date automatic record times can be pre-programmed.

Distortion free playback speed option. Advantage: Recordings can be played back in slow/standard/fast modes without distorting audio, allowing for fast review of audio without the "donald duck" sound of most digital recorders.

Built-in stereo FM radio.

Super slim light weight design.

Built-in 5 band equalizer with bass and treble control for customized sound.

Full Accessory Package included with each Recorder

Full Accessory Package included with each Recorder

Each Unit includes:

  • Automatic Telephone Recording Connector
  • Cell Phone Recording Connector
  • Lapel Microphone
  • Stereo Earphones
  • Program Disc
  • AC Adaptor
  • Carry Strap
  • Wired Remote Control
  • USB Connector Cable
  • Protective Carry Case
  • Operation Manual
  • "AAA" Batteries
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    Digital Voice Recorder Telephone Recorder and MP3 Player 565 Hr Digital Pro
    MP3 Player Voice Recorder

    141 Hr Digital Pro

    Digital Voice Recorder MP3 player
    35 Hr Digital Recorder


    960 Hour VCR

    All the PROFESSIONAL time lapse recorder features in a durable yet economical EEPCORE commercial grade unit. 45 hours real time HIGH DENSITY recording with audio using included T-180 VHS cassette. Time lapse recording up to 1440 hours. Features include Jog/Shuttle dial, remote control, time/date stamp, alarm input, 30 day battery back-up (for time date and settings) and program timer recording. Specifications: Dual-azimuth 4-head rotation helical scanning system Audio recording in 6,18,30, and 45 hr. mode

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    960 Hour VCR 1440 HR Time Lapse VCR $319.00


    Digital Video Surveillance Systems Recorder Surveillance systems

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    Using simple, industry standard alarm connections, wiring alarm inputs and outputs is old hat. Remote access is as simple as assigning an IP address and connecting your RJ45 internet cable. The included remote viewing software is well engineered and intuitive. You will be connected and viewing video in minutes.
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    We only have a fraction of our spy equipment available on the web site and are constantly adding the latest in Surveillance and Security Products.If you are looking for something and can't find it online please call us or email us.

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